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Charter School Design Workshop Series

Registration for the Spring 2019 Charter School Design Workshop Series is closed. The next Design Series will take place in November in 2019. Sign Up Here to receive notification of open enrollment of the November 2019 series.

Session 1: Complete

Session 2: June 8th from 9am-3pm in Baltimore City

Session 3: June 13th from 4-7 pm in Prince George's County

Looking to start a charter school? This free workshop series is designed for those founding groups that are moving forward in the process of starting a charter school, have established a founding group, and intend on submitting a charter school application to a district authorizer in the next 12 months. The workshop series is 12 hours in three workshop settings. Because registration is limited, registrants must commit to sending a representative to all three sessions listed above.

The Charter School Design Workshop Series are comprised of two evening workshops, plus an all-day workshop, providing over 12 hours of content rich material for charter starters. Meals are not provided, however, you may pre-order a boxed lunch for the all-day session, and/ or bring your own meal and snacks.  This workshop builds on the Charter Starter Workshop Series. 

Overall Objectives:

  • Present basic information about the nuts and bolts of charter school planning and operations to inform model design and application development

  • Ensure applicants have a realistic sense of what is involved in the charter application process

  • Familiarize participants with charter guidelines and standards for approval

  • Introduce partner organizations who can be resources in particular areas


Session 1 will cover developing your mission and vision, defining your target population, establishing a need, family and community engagement, and student recruitment strategies

Session 2 will cover educational design, including curriculum and assessment, goals and accountability, serving students with disabilities and English language learners, staffing and talent management, school culture and organizational structure.

Session 3 will cover governance, facilities, and budgets and financial management

Before completing the Charter Starter Design Workshop Series, you must have first completed the Intro to MD Charter Schools webinar and then the Charter Starter Workshop.

Earlier Event: October 5
Charter Starter Workshop