mentorship cohort

MAPCS will take on 1-2 founding groups per year for a 12-month mentorship cohort designed to provide additional resources and institutional knowledge for promising founders in designing their proposed schools. Cohort members will meet monthly with staff, be provided with a read and review of their application, and MAPCS will conduct a mock interview with their founding group.

Applications for the Mentorship Cohort are now being accepted. To be considered for this round, applications are due by April 19, 2019.

Pre-Application Requirements

Eligible GROUPs

Groups must have an established group history and have the ability to demonstrate a strong founding group prior to submitting an application. Promising founding groups that have submitted an application to a school district and been denied will also be eligible.

To Apply

Submit to MAPCS well thought-out drafts of the following application sections:

  1. Mission

  2. Educational Philosophy

  3. Educational Needs of the Target Student Population

  4. Student Academic and Non-Academic Goals

  5. Educational Focus

  6. Academic and Business Leader Bios

    Applicants must also include:

    1. Contact Name, Phone and email

    2. Name of Founding Group/School Name

    3. Indicate whether you have attended the MAPCS Charter Starter Workshop or received other charter school related support

To be considered for this round, applications are due by April 19, 2019