Refining Your Work

The Needs and Strengths Assessment of current charter school operators and local school system staff is complete and the report is complete. We've shared the findings of the report and identified the high-priority needs and operational strengths among current operators. These finding will determine the exact offerings for training, and also serve as the priority focus areas for the new charter school stipends for operator led school to school collaborations.

Did you miss the 30 minute webinar? We've recorded it and you can access it here.

Operator Governance workshop

Saturday, November 9, 2019 | 9:00am-12:00pm

Great charter schools need great board members. However, too often, board members are not given the training and tools they need to be great board members. At this workshop, we will review how to create an effective governance structure and explore how board member recruitment, development and engagement are critical elements for success. This workshop will be facilitated by a board governance consultant who will review key topics and share real-world examples to make the topics come alive. Participants will spend time doing hands-on exercises that allow them to relate the topics to their charter school board.